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• posted 13th May - Connie Shaw's Experience of Sukshma Sai in Croatia
• posted 9th May - Sai Baba's Deed of Declaration
• posted 9th May - Sai Baba's 1947 letter re-written
• posted 5th May - Poppet vs Gerald - opinions on Sukshma Sai
• posted 5th May - Indulal Shah's Letter to Devotees
• posted 5th May - Australia Newsletter No 1 Tuesday 5th May 2015


EXPERIENCE - posted WEDNESDAY13th May 2015
Connie Shaw - Glory of God In Croatia

NOTE: forwarded email with attachment


Connie Shaw shares her experience of Sukshma Baba in Croatia. Beautiful Read.

ARTICLE - posted SATURDAY 9th May 2015
Swami's Declaration in 1947

PDF: Swami's Deed of Declaration
PDF: Swami's Letter in 1947
PDF: Shangrila Newsletter No 1 May Edition

ARTICLE - posted TUESDAY 5th May 2015
Indulal Shah's Pleas. Gerald vs Poppet

Poppet vs Gerald - opinions on Sukshma Sai


From: I H Shah
Date: Tue, May 5, 2015 at 3:15 PM


Dear Fellow Devotees, Brothers and Sisters,

Loving Sairam to one and all.

What a blessing it has been to be aware of the Avatarhood of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, our Beloved Master. In this vast world inhabited by billions, a few millions had the blessed privilege to have known Him, seen Him and been with Him, an opportunity that was granted to a chosen few due to His unconditional Love and Compassion. How else can we, erring humans, possibly explain deserving this rarest of the opportunities, this greatest of the gifts!

Truly His Love knows no calculations but only flows unconditionally towards those whom He chooses in His divine wisdom and infinite compassion.
This letter comes from my heart in response to the concerns expressed by a few, regarding the recent communications in Sai circles. Pardon me for its length but kindly do find the precious time and the much needed patience to go through it in the silence of your hearts; let the mind not interfere and contaminate the content.

It's been a blessing to me and my family to be a witness and at times participants in a small way in the Avataric mission of Swami since 1965 till this moment, only due to His immense compassion for an undeserving devotee as me. All that I have understood in my own limited association with Him is that He was always involved in His mission of transformation of human heart through selfless service to all without any discrimination. He proclaimed, " All good work is God's work", irrespective of individuals, institutions, organisations, religions, regions or nations.

We have been fortunate to witness Swami's Leelas and Mahimas since 1965, due to our close association with Him and we are blessed to experience the same even after He has shed His mortal coil much against our expectations and His own words of staying on till the 96th year of His advent. He knows best why He says or does something.

He now makes His presence felt in a subtle way through His Love which can be experienced and its manifestation as service which can be seen by one and all.

However a few long standing devotees seem to be commenting on and criticising others without studying in-depth about the events and activities, which is disheartening. What, how, when, where and whom He chooses has always been unpredictable to us devotees. But having witnessed and experienced the presence of Swami in Muddenahalli in the recent times, having closely observed and studied the activities in Muddenahalli as well as Raipur, I am convinced beyond doubt that it is our beloved Swami and Swami alone who is doing these through a set of chosen selfless instruments.

If, till day, I haven't been able to find enough reasons to deserve His boundless grace and guidance bestowed upon an ordinary faltering instrument as me, how can I calculate and comment on the others whom He chooses as He pleases.

All I can say is that Swami is also in Muddenahalli just as He is in Prasanthi Nilayam, Brindavan, Dharmakshetra, Shivam, Sundaram or elsewhere in the Universe.

The courage and confidence with which His mission of service to humanity irrespective of caste, creed, colour or country is being undertaken now through these educational projects in Karnataka and healthcare in Naya Raipur, Chattisgarh state, can be inspired only by Him and none else. This I say with my own experience of having worked with Him and for Him, in His massive mission of healthcare, educare and sociocare. And this is only going to grow, expand and encompass all, propelled by the unfailing sankalpa of Swami and unwavering selflessness of His chosen devotees.

Without having witnessed, experienced or participated, merely commenting superficially using derogatory words, unparliamentary language and maligning opinions is unbecoming of those who have been touched by the Master as His devotees, new or old. Further mentioning about one's donation and regrets in public forums only goes to show how less we have understood of Swami's teachings and much lesser have we practiced. I therefore, in all my humility, appeal to the devotees not to pass such loose comments in offensive language about the people and works that are happening now at Muddenahalli or elsewhere. Such words are poor reflections of our association with our Master; on the other hand the silent work of service and not loud words of reactions and retaliations are true signature of Sai and His people.

Swami belongs to all and will choose to do as He pleases, but as devotees we must uphold our dignity and not irresponsibly exhibit our unresearched and invalidated information in public forums and media, lest we should end up regretting for what we have said and done in anguish and anxiety arising out of sheer ignorance.

At 95, I do not have much to loose and gain, but I must convey the Truth and the whole Truth, even if it is inconvenient to some of us, who choose to speak the Truth selectively and conveniently.
If one has the heart and the courage to follow one's heart, then it's my sincere advise as a fellow human and a devotee, that they should pray to seek the truth in the depths of the silence of their own soul and not thoughtlessly obey the dictates of an agitated mind that is neither capable of understanding nor experiencing the Truth.

Samsatha Loka Sukhino Bhavantu

With prayerful wishes in the service of Sai,
Indulal H Shah,
A fellow devotee and a servant,
Member - Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust
Sai Darsan, Khar West, Mumbai


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